MBDS will benefit Advansus partners in time-to-market, cost effectiveness, and proven quality. MBDS is a modular board design services, based on Advansus Component Alliance Procurement Service (CAPS) and excellent design capability, offering faster time-to-market, reduced cost, and assured quality. With today's fast pace and fierce competition, thinking outside the box is a key success factor. Advansus MBDS is an innovative breakthrough saving effort and bringing the best benefits to customers. Advansus customers no longer need worry about complex design problems, such as debugging issues, engineering resources, material purchases, time-to-market, component life cycle, and so on. With Advansus MBDS support, accelerating design process, low cost, and top quality are all made possible.
Advansus provides end-to-end solutions to serve customers across multiple industries. With a team of talent and well experienced staff, Advansus specializes in all the processes that are important to implement a complete solution; starting from the technical feasibility study, design, verification, and manufacturing to extended life cycle services.
Advansus has established a highly productive manufacturing center located in Taoyuan, Taiwan, offering OEM/ ODM customers full manufacturing services. Our staff in the manufacturing center has solid knowledge, experience, and training to fabricate, assemble and test a wide range of computing products, from board level to system level.
Our holistic approach to ECO and revision control guarantees no surprise hardware or firmware changes ever. Everything we build is designed to support 3 to 5 years or more. Components are selected from embedded roadmaps and from vendors with track records in this space.